EF Language Travel International: The Aqua English Project Proudly Delivers The Aussie Lifeguard for a Day Program to all EF Study Tour Groups Visiting the Gold Coast.

EF Education First, the world's largest language organisation operates our Language Travel programs on the Gold Coast. Our Language Travel courses combine an exciting adventure abroad with an invaluable educational experience. Students travel in chaperoned groups, live with a local Gold Coast family and improve their language skills during their school holidays. We focus on cultural studies and there is nothing more culturally iconic with the Gold Coast than the beach. Considering many of our students are from China, Hong Kong and Indonesia, many of them have a limited understanding of the dangers surrounding the water and being near the beach in general.

Hence in 2006, EF Language Travel joined forces with The Aqua English Project, where  all of our students participate in a 'Cultural English' experience that links the English language with aquatics and Australian culture. Together EF and Aqua English have developed a customized The Aussie Lifeguard for a Day, half day program. It's just not sufficient enough to 'tell' students information when they don't speak the local language; they need to be 'shown' through doing and an interactive program such as Aqua English is a fantastic way of passing on important information. Its unique programs step away from traditional English teaching methods into an  interactive "taste, touch, smell" classroom situation, that encourages  active participation in a real aquatic environment while focusing on,  environmental, surf, sun, sign and flag safety as well as the importance  of swimming with a mate. This program makes the crucial transition from swimming in a pool to swimming safely at the beach. Many of our students are apprehensive to take part initially, but the professional and friendly staff at Aqua English make them feel at ease and before long they are splashing around in the water without a care in the world!

I have found working with Sarah, Julia and The Aqua English Team to be a completely rewarding experience and have seen my students gain valuable knowledge that they can take through their lives. With the resources distributed through The Aussie Lifeguard for a Day Program, our English language teachers then deliver lessons using the new cultural English learned during the Aussie Lifeguard for a Day Program lesson. We are now confident that our students have a firmer understanding of cultural English and water safety on The Gold Coast and in Australia.

Emma Walsh
Production Manager - Australia
EF Language Travel